How We Can Help:

If you have a general or specific question we can assist you with information.

If we feel it is necessary that you speak directly to the Employment Insurance Commission we will direct you to their call centre, web site, public liaison officer or an insurance agent.

If you require assistance in researching the Employment Insurance case law the UWHC has developed over the years an extensive pro-appellant case law guide which we can make available to you.

The toll free number for the Employment Insurance call centre in Saskatchewan is 1-800-206-7218.

Their general web site address is:

Their appeals information web site is:

If it is necessary for our office to make an inquiry regarding your claim we require a consent form/release signed by the insurance claimant before any information will be released to our office.

A consent form can be forwarded to our office or directly to Employment Insurance.

It must be forwarded by mail or by fax with the signature of the claimant.

Consent can not be given by phone or e-mail.

Click here for a copy of the Consent form to print off.